Profollica Hair Loss

Profollica is a two-part system that utilizes naturally-found ingredients that target your DHT levels. By taking a daily supplement and following up in the shower with a gel, it is created to both nourish your hair on the outdoors and solve the DHT issue from the within.

Profollica Ingredients

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Profollica loss of hair cure for guys has numerous ingredients which have specific proportions and were majorly selected depending upon their capability to block Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), renew hair roots, prevent hair thinning and also increase blood circulation. The substances have their first results noticeable within some weeks after one begins to use the loss of hair product. Below is a list of the significant ingredients that form Profollica:

  • Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum Extract that irrigates both DHT and germs from the scalp.
  • Salvia Sclarea Extract that stimulates and connects to DHT.
  • Kigelia Africana Extract that is accountable for obstructing enzymes.
  • Gingko Biloba Extract which is known to promote microcirculation in the scalp.
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract responsible for scalp stimulation to increase hair depth.

How Much Does Profollica Cost?

If ordered through their URL, the two-part loss of hair system is readily available in the following amounts:


  • 1-Month Supply: $59.95.
  • 3-Month Supply: $159.95 ($ 53.31 per month).
  • 6-Month Supply: $299.95 ($ 49.99 per month).

Shipping choices for the one- and three-month products are $12.99 (USPS 7-10 day), $14.99 (UPS tracked 3-5 days), $16.99 (UPS 2-3 days), or $36.99 (UPS overnight). 7-10 day shipping for the six-month supply is free.

Profollica FAQ.

With a lot questionable details out there for Profollica, we felt it was our responsibility to respond to some of the most typical concerns about it. If you have further questions please inquire in the comment listed below and we’ll do our best to get to them.

Is Profollica FDA approved?

The FDA doesn’t approve natural products such as this one. The best a business like this can do is get their centers registered with the FDA so that there is some guarantee that their production process is sticking to some type of best practices.

Can females utilize Profollica?

This is a formula that is made for men, and is made particularly for the issues that males deal with when it comes to loss of hair. You might have seen numerous items out there that say that they’re OKAY for both males and females, and still others that have 2 various formulations for both men and women. This one, nevertheless, is just for guys.

Can you rely on Profollica prior to and after pics?

There are previously and after images on their official website, and you may have also seen expected users posting their results on forums and message boards. These sort of images must constantly be taken with a grain of salt, due to the fact that you never ever actually know what the ulterior intentions are of those that publish these sort of pictures. Likewise, the company is trying to sell you the item, so it’s not as if they’re going to put previously and after shots unless it’s showing indications of working. Whether or not these images have been doctored or retouched is difficult to identify.


Is Profollica a scam?

A fraud usually requires a completely bogus item, or no product at all, or shenanigans with the ordering process. Given that lots of people have actually successfully purchased this and have actually reported great outcomes with it, and given that there’s a 60 day cash back ensure in location, we’re going to say it is not a rip-off.

Can you purchase Profollica in stores?

We were unable to determine if you can purchase it at local retailers, it appears that you can’t. The closest thing we could find is that it’s readily available at Amazon for $90 with free shipping.

Exist adverse effects with Profollica?

The business claims that there have actually been no noted side effects. This doesn’t imply that nobody has ever responded adversely to it, it just indicates they didn’t trouble to report it to them. Even if an item uses natural sources for it’s ingredients does not mean that there will be no negative effects as an outcome. Compared to the list of negative effects that come with pharmaceutical loss of hair treatments it would definitely have less.

Is Profollica safe?

The use of natural ingredients makes it less most likely that this item will damage your hair or scalp, but that doesn’t eliminated all possibility that you’ll have a reaction to it. There are no long term research studies that have been conducted on it, so it’s uncertain what the result would be to utilize this for numerous months or years.

How do you apply Profollica?

First you use the included hair shampoo the same method that you ‘d use ordinary hair shampoo. This is indicated to revive your scalp and hair follicles. Then you massage in the gel that features the kit, but you do not clean it out or wash it out. You leave it in and let it dry. It stays on your scalp and does its thing.

Are there any Profollica problems?

While we did observe that some users were not delighted with the outcomes they got, we didn’t really see anything in the method of problems, such as bad customer support or causing their hair loss to aggravate. With some loss of hair products out there we’ve seen legitimate grievances, like burning scalps, extra loss of hair, or poor client service when it comes to a return. However this is not the case here.


Where can I find a Profollica coupons?

The coupons that are available for Profollica include cost savings on bulk orders. If you do select to purchase it, we recommend choosing a smaller sized package so that you’re just getting a 60 day supply. That method you’ll have less to spend for return shipping expenses if you do not like it.

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