Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones is a cologne that is supposed to attract ladies with a healthy pheromone scent. The olfactory signals that are produced by the male body don’t stop when they hit somebody else nose. They are picked up on a subconscious level, delivering a chemical message.


The makers of the product claim that its ingredients enhance:

  • Attractiveness
  • Masculinity
  • Confidence
  • Sexual destination

No side effects have been related to this product, and it is thought about safe to utilize. According to a Consumer Health Digest Nexus Pheromones review, the perfume is made without any hazardous ingredients or preservatives.

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For those of you that do not understand, when we take showers using body washes/soap and hair shampoos or by having our clothing washed with washing detergents, or by living an unhealthy lifestyle, it takes out the effects of our natural male pheromone scent.

Now as this formula explains, the Nexus Pheromones is a powerful sex scents that by its own unique scent, should reach the females’s noses to positively change their behavior and the method they look at us guys.

It should affect a lady’s ovulation cycle by making her or females around me promoted by its sexual chemistry to be more interested in me.

Thereby, making me more attractive and alluring to all females around me, where I really feel much more confident and general well being.

Which, they call it the “Releaser Effect” on how Nexus Pheromones was produced.

According to them, it has a “a faint aroma to mask the natural musky odor”, which does odor light and very good to me.

Now results do varies as which there are MIXED evaluations, where some folks out there expected a “miracle” to happen, and it does not work like that.

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Nexus Pheromones utilizes ingredients that are made in a laboratory to simulate the natural results of male scents. It is made in the U.S. in a facility that follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices as managed by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Androsterone– Communicates masculinity; mood elevating impacts on females.
  • Beta-Androstenol– This steroidal substance with a musk-like odor exists in human physical fluids and might create a submissive state of mind in females.
  • Androstenone– Signals dominance attracts potential mates.
  • Epiandrosterone– A compound discovered in human urine and pine pollen, this is transformed to DHT, a sex hormone that is accountable for particular manly traits.
  • Androstenedione– This is a steroid hormone that is accountable for the production of testosterone and estrogen. The maker specifies that this elevates sexual responsiveness and produces thoughtful feelings.
  • Androstanone– The makers of Nexus Pheromone cologne claim that androstanone has an effective, manly influence.
  • Alpha-androstenol– This pheromone enhances feelings of friendliness and improves relaxation. It is referred to as an “Icebreaker” scent.

All of these ingredients are connected with reproductive hormonal agents. Females may or may not find their odor. Nevertheless, they don’t need to be visible in order to work.

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